Medicine Cabinet

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Just, think of it. Does medicine cabinet need to be a typical bathroom feature? There is a generalized orientation to include such storage cabinets as part of your bathroom décor. The concept serves an interesting array of purposes; having to provide the much needed storage provision for your toiletries, soaps, antiseptics, useful as well as useless loads of medicine. Irrespective of the utilitarian objective; there is no harm in thinking of a makeover. After all, the entire gamut of household furnishing is as much artistic as flexible.

The storage idea helps you come up with decorative options

Taking the cue of artistic orientation, it may be worthwhile giving way to a literary reflection- ‘Art lies in concealing art’. Why not use the philosophy with respect of interior furnishing? This gives bones to a wonderful idea- that of a decorative Medicine Cabinet of the concealed type. Besides helping you to go for a situational relocation; the idea gives way to decoration. You may have it recessed as a delightful piece of picture frame. While the externally located door gives you the option for flaunting pictures and memoirs of your chosen variety; the interior can be made to fulfill the essential idea of storage.

medicine cabinet
The places where you can flaunt your medicine cabinet

So, when you want the world to take note of your cherished piece of décor; having it recessed across the wall of your hallway comes up as an obvious alternative of relocation. The fixture can also be a part of your living room. The pathway leading to the bathroom can be another alternative. As far as the internal storage is concerned; you can obviously stockpile it with the essential assortment of medicines. Prescribed medicines for immediate use can also include its storage purview. But do make it a point to have the medicines neatly stacked according to the range and purpose of use. For instance, you can earmark a separate area for storing medications meant for your travelling kitty. There can be yet another area for storing your regular dosage of vitamins.

It is pretty common to put up cabinets in bathrooms; but with this type you can look for variety

As one of the most common options; you can have the Medicine Cabinet recessed as part of your bathroom décor. But while the most common choice pertains to the use of cabinets with mirrored closure; this cabinet of the decorative type helps you to strike a unique statement of style. Irrespective of its location; the cabinet needs to be spacious enough to include your personal tit-bits of toiletries, safety belongings, shaving kit, prescribed drugs and necessary items to be kept away from children. The requisite need for spaciousness can be created with due focus on compartmentalization. With compartmentalization; you will be able to optimize the twin needs. The needs for neat compactness and that for space can be simultaneously accommodated.

You may change the picture as per your convenience

The decorative cabinet gives you the flexible break for changeability. As and when you need; you may go for a changeover, flipping and changing the picture last hung. But do ensure that the frame has the necessary strength and durability to sustain the frequency of change.

Besides giving you a changed feel of renovation; the cabinet will add a count or two to the deals of décor.

Medicine Cabinet – Offering Cleans And Neat Looks To Your Bathroom

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The use of a medicine cabinet in your home is very necessary, because storage space is very limited in most bathrooms. Medicine cabinets can be very useful in storing toiletries and medicines. These cabinets can fulfill two purposes, one is enhancing the décor of the place and the other is the aesthetic purpose. The mirrored medicine cabinets are very popular, which is usually placed above sinks in the bathrooms. This is commonly placed under the main light, to make viewing convenient when shaving or using make up. The mirrored cabinets also consist of two types, the single mirrored ones and the multi mirror medicine cabinets. This usually depends on the storage space needed and the area of the cabinet.

Recessed or surface mounted cabinets

Recessed medicine cabinets may look plain and unnoticeable at first glance, however, these consist of many vital features which can create a big difference in the function and the look of your bathroom. When you install a recessed cabinet, you can save a lot of space, especially, if your bathroom is not very big. Even though there are many kinds of attractive looking Medicine Cabinet to be found in the market, the recessed one, though unobtrusive offers more features, other than giving a nice and clean look. You can store toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes in them, which would have looked unattractive if kept out.

medicine cabinet
The best feature in a medicine cabinet which is recessed is that, you can keep all medicines out of the hands of your children. The cabinet door of this cabinet is unreachable to children, than if you had placed a wall mounted cabinet. The surface mounted cabinets are easier to install than the recessed cabinets. This can be placed on the wall in a similar way as putting up a picture frame on the wall. This cabinet comes out of the wall, while the recessed one has to installed in hole which has to be carved out of the wall. The recessed type of medicine cabinets are hidden and very modestly styled.

Benefits of medicine cabinets

Installing medicine cabinets in your bathroom offers many benefits, other than being a great concealed area that stores items which are needed daily. The shelves of the cabinet can be made of various heights to store items on the basis of size and height. The shelves of these cabinets can also be used to store other items like shaving kit, make up items, manicure tools and other cosmetic things too. Cabinets are very convenient because it saves you the effort of making many trips to the bathroom in the mornings for carrying items needed during this time.

Even though it is called a medicine cabinet, you should never store prescription medicine in them because it may come in contact with heat and moisture. However, you can store medicines like painkillers and other over the counter medicines which do not get destroyed by heat or moisture. It is better to store them in their original bottle with the date of expiry on it. Medicine cabinets which are designed well, enhances the look of bathrooms.

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